NIXALIN™ promotes a return to vibrant, radiant, comfortable skin.

NIXALIN™ is rich in betulin, a powerful bioavailable triterpene that restores and protects the skin barrier functions, decreases the redness due to inflammation, strengthens blood vessels, soothes, and moisturises.

NIXALIN™ is carefully harvested in a sustainable and proprietary process, upcycled from by-products of the Canadian industry.

Eco-Responsibility at the Root of Nixalin™

Even if we only use by-products from forestry industry to create Nixalin™, our raw material suppliers cooperate with a network of companies that are committed to the most demanding practice standards in the industry. Our entire supply of raw material is harvested in compliance with the Forest Territory Sustainable Development Act, which has been the basis of new forest management policy in Québec since 2013. It is considered one of the most stringent such policy worldwide. This provides the foundation of a sustainable forest development system that protects the renewal of natural resources, and ensures the long-term viability of forestry operations in the province of Québec.


When it comes to dermocosmetic-grade betulin, NIXALIN™ sets the standard for all:

  • Exceptional purity level
  • High compatibility with other active ingredients and compounds
  • No impact on stability in final formulation
  • Ideal morphology and granulometry for optimal dispersion
  • Thixotropic – gellification of oil starting at 1% for most oils


Protective Action: dispersed starting at 0.5%

  • Lip balm
  • Enhanced makeup: lipstick, foundation, compact powder, and others
  • Day and night cream for normal skin

Regenerative Action: dispersed from 1% to 2%

  • Day and night cream for dry and/or sensitive skin
  • Ater-shave care
  • Scalp care

Intensive Action: dispersed at 2%

  • Intimate care: diaper rash rescue, menstrual and incontinence pad rescue
  • After-sun rescue
  • Post-procedure care: tattoo, dermabrasion, laser hair removal, and others

Technical documents

  • Nixalin Leaflet
  • Nixalin Product Specifications
  • Nixalin Scientific Evaluation Report_Content
  • Nixalin Technical Data
  • Nixalin Formulation Guideline
  • Nixalin Safety Data

Statements and Certifications

  • Natural Index Certification
  • International Conformity
  • Absence of Allergens
  • No CMR Statement