The source of vitality


The word vitality evokes health and energy in each of us. The source of this vitality is rooted in the nature surrounding us. It is therefore essential to take care of it. Through their ingredients, Terlys  encourages ecoresponsibility, sustainable development, and circular economy.


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Triterpenes are everywhere in nature: they can be found in resins, in tree bark, in flowers, and herbs. Triterpenes have an incredibly wide range of diverse biological activity. By developing a proprietary extraction process, we at Terlys aim to deploy the full scope of the uses of triterpenes for the dermocosmetics industry, while catering to market trends and needs.


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Our ingredients contain lipophilic molecules, which is quite distinctive for a botanical extract. This characteristic makes skin penetration more efficient. This so-called transcutaneous penetration helps boost a more targeted use of the active principles, as they become concentrated at their point of action. This targeting has proved invaluable to ensure the efficacy and safety of products.


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