Founded in Quebec, Canada in 2016, Terlys develops and produces high-quality lipophilic actives for the dermocosmetic and personal care industries worldwide. 

Our History

Our history is built on our founders’ deep commitment to sustainability and innovative phytochemistry processes.

Originally, it was a meeting around a common project in sustainable development that made it possible for them to meet. As they are both passionate about nature and keenly interested in the field of health, they were already determined to repurpose certain molecules from industrial plant by-products (reduction of the ecological footprint). It is in this context that the company was born, further motivated by the importance of circular economy.

Specialists in chemistry and plant extraction, we have developed efficient manufacturing processes in accordance with green chemistry principles (intellectual property). We work meticulously to guarantee the quality and safety of our ingredients while providing our customers with all the support they need to make successful products in accordance with global market trends.


To supply effective, and safe lipophilic active ingredients, for the dermocosmetics and topical health products markets, while minimizing our ecological footprint.


To contribute to skin health through green phytochemistry, while solving the growing issues of sustainable development, and in full compliance with existing regulatory guidelines.


  • California Prop 65 Compliant
  • Anti-Slavery and Child Labor
  • No Animal Testing
  • CITES Statement
  • ETI Statement
  • Absence of Pesticides
  • Absence of GMOs
  • Absence of Methyl Salicylate
  • Absence of Formaldehyde
  • No Use of Ionizing Radiation
  • Absence of Gluten
  • Absence of Palm Oil
  • Halal Compliant
  • Kosher Compliant
  • Vegan Compliant
  • Absence of Microplastics
  • Absence of Nanoparticles
  • Packaging Conformity